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Why IB?

Two interesting studies highlight the benefits on an IB education.
  • Click here for a report about the benefits of the IB Diploma in the College Admission process.
  • Research shows that students who earn college credits in high school through the IB program see much higher success rates in college. Read more here.

For information about IB at North Meck, contact Harriet Regen at harriet.regen@cms.k12.nc.us or 980-343-3840.

Come Visit Us!

Upcoming IB Information Sessions
Thursday, December 7, 4:30 - 5:30 PM
Wednesday, December 13, 11:00 - 12:00 AM
Thursday, January 25, 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Monday, February 5, 4:30 - 5:30 PM
No registration necessary. Please meet in the Main Office.

Rising 11th Grade: The Road to the IB Diploma

Mandatory For All Parents of Juniors
If you missed our spring and summer sessions, please contact Mrs. Regen for information about what to expect in the IB Diploma Program. Below, you will find documents with important details. Review these documents, print out the Letter Of Intent, and return it to the IB Coordinator's office.

Diploma Program Information for 11th Grade

What's the DP all about? Here are some documents to help you understand the expectations of program.

Service Spotlight

It's time to plan your Service & Action and CAS Projects for the year!
Visit our new Viking Outreach page, where you'll find a list of opportunities and the reflection forms for 2017-18. All MYP (9th and 10th grade) students may record one summer project to count towards their 2017-18 requirement.

MYP Information Form
Click HERE if you are a 9th grade IB student.

MYP 9th and 10th Grade Service & Action Requirements
  • MYP students are required to submit one Service Project per quarter--for a total of 3 for 9th graders and 4 for 10th graders by May 15, 2018.
  • We will no longer have an hourly requirement. Instead, we want students to plan their Community Service activities and think of them as "projects" rather than individual hours.
  • Activities will still need to be documented, but we'll be using an online process for this. See the VIKING OUTREACH link above and click on the MYP tab. Students will need to print the SIGNATURE PAGE and take it with them for their supervisor to sign. More information will be given to students in their MYP classes.
  • All MYP students may submit one summer community service project to count towards the yearly requirement.
MYP Service & Action Guide

MYP Signature Page

DP 11th and 12th Grade CAS Requirements
  • DP rising seniors should continue working on their CAS projects. In order for seniors to be registered for IB exams in October, students must have at a minimum 2 projects (of approximately 75 hours total) documented in their portfolios. Summer projects welcomed!
  • DP rising juniors will have new portfolios assigned to them when we return to school in August. Summer projects can be documented and uploaded then.
DP CAS Guide

DP CAS Signature Page

North Meck's International Festival 2017

Intl Festival 2017 1.JPGIntl Festival 2017 2.JPGIntl Festival 2017 4.JPGINtl Festival 2017 3.JPG

Seniors and Science at Latta Plantation

To fulfill one of the Diploma Program requirements, seniors designed and conducted their own investigation and worked in groups to collect and analyze data. They studied burn sites, collected water samples from streams and Mountain Island Lake, examined the human impact on trails, and so much more!

Honor Policy
IB strives to promote academic integrity and honor. Here you will find our IB Honor Policy.

Assessment Policy
For information about IB's philosophy of assessment and the guidelines to be followed in both the MYP and DP, please see this document.

Magnet Contract

All students and parents are to sign this document. Please PRINT name carefully at top of document. It will be distributed to students in class, but you may download it here and sent it back to school.Contracts are due by October 15 and may be turned in to the IB Coordinator or to your English Teacher. (MYP = 9th and 10th; DP = 11th and 12th)

Heard it Through the Viking Vine

What to know everything going on at North Meck? Click here to add your name to North's Parent Newsletter, the VIKING VINE.