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9th and 10th Grade MYP: Serving Your Community

Take the MYP Community Service Litmus Test! If you're wondering what the guidelines are for the MYP community service, see if your activities meet these objectives:

1, Is it ONGOING? We want to see that students are making service in the community a regular part of life--not hours to be checked off as "done." For that reason, there are no limits on summer hours, and we encourage students to surpass the hourly minimum. Choose activities that may be weekly or monthly or may span several weeks or months. We require that students continue to be involved in service activities throughout the year and have not simply "checked off the hours" in one limited period of time, or through one single activity. Service to others should be ongoing.

2, Is it OUTREACH? We want students to move beyond their own communities and expand their comfort zones. For this reason, we require that service activities get students involved with others they may not know or may not already be connected to. Yes, students may certainly work through and with their churches, youth groups, scouts, or other organizations, but their service should touch the lives of people beyond those with whom they are already familiar.

3, Is it ON TIME? We want students to see how being involved in creativity, action, and service changes them ... how they grow as a result! In order to do this, activities must be documented monthly, and students must take a little time to reflect, in writing, about the things they've been involved in. On the first of every month, students are to submit documentation of their activities from the previous month. Forms for reflection and Logs for keeping track of hours may be found here:

Building the Bridge to Diploma Program CAS

In order to be in sync with the Diploma Program's Creativity, Action, and Service requirement, we encourage students to get involved! For students who participate on teams, or in clubs, or other activities that require commitment, hours may be earned.
  • 5 hours may be applied for ongoing ACTIVITY: a school or club sport, working out at a gym, dance or gymnastics, cheerleading, anything that is helping you be healthier through being physically active.
  • 5 hours may also be applied for ongoing CREATIVITY: art classes, chess club, theatre, music lessons, baking, math/science competitions, DECA, debate team, anything that works your mind and imagination.

11th and 12th Grade: Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)

  • Juniors and Seniors should be building their CAS Portfolios (Google Folders). Documentation of all projects should be kept there.
  • By the end of the Senior year, every student should have sufficient evidence of meeting the 7 CAS outcomes.
  • Hours should be balanced between Creativity, Activity, and Service.
  • Projects should include both DOCUMENTATION and REFLECTION.

The CAS Project: Collaboration, Cooperation, Contribution!

All Diploma Students are required to participate in and document a group CAS PROJECT. The project must last at least one full month (although the sky's the limit!) and must have a defined purpose and goal. Details and CAS Project Proposal forms are below.

Please see Mrs. Cook or Ms. Peace to file your documentation and to help address your questions.

For Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities: See