Class of 2018 Information

For Students and Parents: Diploma Program Regulations

Please read this document in order to understand the requirements for the IB Diploma, including the rules regarding malpractice, extended essays, TOK papers, and points required to earn the diploma.

FINAL CAS Reflection Prompt
The last stage of CAS is to write your final reflection. Think about the last 2 years and all that you've experienced beyond the classroom, homework, books, tests, and grades! Please create a new GoogleDoc in your portfolio and respond to this prompt.
DP Senior Final Reflection PromptYou are interviewing for a summer internship to travel abroad and complete community service for a non-profit organization. The interview will require you to discuss your previous involvement with community service, use your CAS experiences to describe why you would be the best person for this opportunity. Make sure to discuss challenges and accomplishments, how this has shaped your future goals and aspirations, and what has this experience taught you. Address specific outcomes in a 2-3 pages.

English Oral Commentary: Jan 12-19, 2018
See the schedule below. Please arrive 5 minutes before your time.

Group 4 Project at Latta Plantation: Sept 27, 2017
Signed permission forms due Monday. Go online to pay $10 for trip and lunch.

Assessment Calendar for 2017-18

Exam Registration Contract 2017-18

Books for English

You may either purchase these on your own, or you may use the NMHS online payment link, which will be available at the end of Sept on school website.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich ($12.03 at Barnes and Noble)

Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez ($10.00 at Barnes and Noble)

The Stranger by Albert Camus ($8.21 at Barnes and Noble)

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" - Flannery O'Connor


CAS: Make time in your life for regular Creativity, Action, and Service!
Work on your CAS Projects!

All project have to be completed and documented by May 1, 2018. If it's part of your weekly routine to give your time and talents to others, you'll find this requirement comes naturally. New reflection forms are the Viking Outreach page. Please use your google folder to manage all of your documentation.

What is EVIDENCE? Get creative! Include your time logs, photos, clippings or emails or correspondence with people, awards, schedules, programs, videos, and, of course, the CAS forms from North Meck --- anything you think shows your involvement and identifies the supervisors who can vouch for you. You need to include evidence of your CAS hours and In addition, you'll want to include reflection on the ways you've accomplished the 8 CAS Outcomes.


EE Uploads should be completed by Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Extended Essay Guide for 2018

Extended Essay Final Checklist

Extended Essay Final Uploading Instructions
Deadline to Upload Paper & Send Advisor your EERPPF is Tuesday, February 13.

Helpful Links for Research

Need help documenting your Extended Essay sources? Go here to find how to follow MLA, APA, and Chicago Style Guidelines:

This chart is REALLY HELPFUL!