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The IB Personal Project

NMHS Personal Project Guide 2017-18 for Students and Parents

Final Personal Project Binders are due February 21, 2018. See the guide for complete list of due dates.

Use this form to show evidence of your "product." Your Civics teacher will provide you with a copy, or you may download it here. Products are due January 9-10.

Samples from Personal Projects:

Service & Action for 10th Grade

The requirement for 10th grade is 4 projects, one per quarter. Please see the Viking Outreach website for all the information and for upcoming volunteer activities.

Here are the steps for the Service & Action Project Upload. Upload 1 per Quarter.

  1. Download the signature page BEFORE your event/activity (or pick up a paper copy in the Media Center outside Mrs. Regen's office). Supervisor signatures are required. Do this before you try to upload the project.
  2. Take a picture with your phone or scan the completed signature page so that it's a digital file ready to upload.
  3. Go to the Viking Outreach page and click on MYP Information.
  4. Fill out the Reflection Form and designate the appropriate Quarter for your project.
  5. At the end of the form, after you've written your reflection, upload the signature page file.
  6. Hit submit!